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King Sezars CRM Application

With King Sezars, you’re given the power to track the source of your phone calls, see real-time data, view call transcriptions, and so much more. The platform integrates seamlessly with Google Analytics to provide your business with real-time data through our web-based interface or through the Sezars Consulting mobile app.

King Sezars allows businesses to more accurately track their online ROI by generating and attaching specific phone numbers to their marketing campaigns.

Built-in King Sezars CRM Connections

Integrate with your existing CRM to manage leads.

Make sure leads are being properly distributed to your sales team by connecting your King Sezars CRM into website. Sync data across platforms, giving you accurate insights into your sales funnel.

Combined with our custom-built project management system King Sezars, your leads, campaigns, marketing intelligence, and more all live on the same digital platform.

Sezars Consulting CRM connects seamlessly with leading King Sezars CRM platform.

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Knowing the value of your time naturally motivates you to protect it. Sezars Consulting knows the value of time for your business and gives the best solutions for you.